Flat Roofs are Low Maintenance But Requires a Bit of Roof Repair in Houston

Most roofs are built with steep slopes to help rain and snow flow down easily, but flat roofs, contrary to popular belief, likewise allow for the adequate drainage of rainwater and melted snow. For one thing, flat roofs aren’t completely … Continue reading

Houston TX Residential Roofing: Keeping Damages at Bay with Professional Help

Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair work on the roof are very important because what might be minor issues at the start could turn into something much worse over time. ABCLocal.Go.com writer Demond Fernandez tells a story that further proves that … Continue reading

Natural Forces from Above: Dealing with Hail Damage on Commercial Roofing in Houston

In an article from culturemap.com written by Tyler Rudick, a convenience store in a gas station in Sugar Land, which is around 30 minutes from Houston, collapsed due to severe weather conditions. A storm has downed power lines and flooded … Continue reading

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Residential Roofing in Houston

Many homeowners tend to forget the task of checking on their roof every now and then. They go in and out of the house, regularly check on their home’s plumbing and interiors, but somehow miss to see how their roof … Continue reading

Brace Your Roof, Autumn is Coming: Protecting Houston, TX Commercial Roofing this Season

With the changing seasons comes the constant need to check up on your home’s condition, especially your roof, as it takes most of the punishment from the weather. Your roof may have survived the rainstorms of spring and the heat … Continue reading

Regular Maintenance for Commercial Roofing in Houston Recommended

Early in July, Houston Chronicle reported rain and wind damage has caused the roof of a Shell gas station in Harris County to partially collapse. Although heavy snowfall is rarely an issue for locals, commercial establishments in Houston are still … Continue reading

New Tool Calculates Energy Savings for Residential Roofing in Houston

If you’re among the more than two million residents in Houston, TX, you get to enjoy the perks of big city life without the hefty price tag. The Third Quarter 2012 C2ER Cost of Living Index shows Houston as having … Continue reading

Consumer Groups Warn Residents Against Houston Roof Repair Scams

The Roofing Contractor Association of Texas, the AAA of Texas, and the Office of Public Insurance Counsel teamed up on Friday, July 26, 2013 to come up with tips on how to avoid roof repair scams. Deeia Beck, Executive Director … Continue reading

A Bizarre Houston, TX Residential Roofing Problem: When An SUV Crashes Into Your Roof

Residents of Northwest Harris County were awaken in the early hours of Sunday, Feb 24, 2012 when an SUV managed to somehow fly through the air and crash on the roof of two houses. The SUV flew through a wooden … Continue reading

Thinking Small Can Come with Big Costs

A dozen years ago, Live Oak Construction was called on to solve a pressing problem with the roofs of a West Houston townhome complex. All six buildings in the development were experiencing moderate to severe leaks on an aging EPDM … Continue reading