The roofing system is the most complex and essential structural component of any building you own or manage. Making sure the roof performs properly is vital to keeping your building safe and secure from damage due to rain, wind, sun, hailstorms or other weather elements.

Live Oaks Construction has established a specialized service for property managers that delivers high quality roof maintenance and Houston roof repair services, including:

  • Emergency repair services after weather-related damage (hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, windstorms)
  • Annual roof inspection and evaluation, with written report and digital photographs of problem areas
  • Preventative roof maintenance
  • Roof asset management, including maintenance and repair strategies designed to extend the roof’s service life
  • Additional property services including repairs and construction

Live Oak Construction offers a convenient and budget-conscious way to maximize the lifetime value of your roofing system while helping to ensure the safety of the tenants, inventory and equipment protected by your roof.

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