A Bizarre Houston, TX Residential Roofing Problem: When An SUV Crashes Into Your Roof

Residents of Northwest Harris County were awaken in the early hours of Sunday, Feb 24, 2012 when an SUV managed to somehow fly through the air and crash on the roof of two houses. The SUV flew through a wooden fence, crashed through the roof of the first house then flipped over and landed on the roof of the house next door. Kathie Black, a resident who lives next door said, “I was woken up at 2am with a loud screech and a boom, boom, boom, the loudest noise I have ever heard”.

The bizarre traffic accident occurred on a dark portion and sharp curve along Addiks Satsuma Road. With no street lights and reliable markings, the curve is known to be an accident prone spot. Miraculously, the driver and the homeowners were not injured, although the services of a Houston, Texas residential roofing contractor was badly needed to repair the extensive damages on the roofs of both houses.

Truly a rare occurance, the incident drew a number of stunned reactions from the crowd who gathered to get a glimpse of what just happened. “I’ve been out here a while and, yes, this is the first I’ve seen anything like this … first time in my career”, said John Laine, assistant deputy chief Harris County precinct 5. Another resident, Justin Hooper commented, “I’ve seen some bad things go down this curve over here, but this is the worst”.

Already facing potential charges because of the accident, authorities are more concerned about the pistol that reportedly fell out of the SUV as it was being pulled out of the roof. In addition, he was also reportedly intoxicated while driving.

Damages are inevitable, especially ones that are brought about by forces of nature or even bizarre accidents like the recent SUV crash. Nevertheless, a properly-installed and well-maintained roof would be strong enough to protect the residents and minimize the impact of the damage. With its excellent programs that includes roof maintenance and installation, and a solid reputation for delivering topnotch services, Live Oak Construction is a good choice for owners to turn to for roofing and overall home improvement needs.

Even if the accident caused major damages to the roofs of both houses, these can either be repaired or even replaced by a highly-experienced local contractor. Owners can rely on an experienced and trusted contractor such as Live Oak Construction to provide high-quality professional restoration and residential roofing in Houston, Texas.

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