Brace Your Roof, Autumn is Coming: Protecting Houston, TX Commercial Roofing this Season

With the changing seasons comes the constant need to check up on your home’s condition, especially your roof, as it takes most of the punishment from the weather. Your roof may have survived the rainstorms of spring and the heat of the summer, but now it’s time to brace it for the gradual decrease of temperature as autumn paves the way towards the winter chill.

Even in Houston, where winters are generally mild, fall temperatures have been known to reach lows of 7 to -2 degrees Celsius. With temperature levels like this, it’s important to keep the roofs of your home as well as your place of business in tiptop shape and prepare them to face whatever challenges nature could throw their way. Below are some valuable maintenance tips for commercial roofing in Houston, TX that you should keep in mind:

From the ground, you can already perform a basic roof inspection; check for warning signs of roofing problems like warped shingles, missing tiles, shingle granules on the ground, etc. Then, climb up a ladder and check your roof closely for signs of algae growth, cracks that may cause leaks, detached flashing, and so on. Other areas that need to be inspected are the gutters and your chimney.

An article from recommends that you have your roofing cleaned thoroughly, especially if your last major roof cleaning was before summer. Remove all the debris that are clogging your gutters, such as leaves, branches, and even birds’ nests. In the cold weather, a clogged gutter could cause water on your roof to pool, freeze, and then lead to the formation of ice dams.

If your inspection has revealed multiple signs of roof damage, you should have it double checked and repaired by professionals immediately. Note that roof repair and maintenance could become more dangerous as winter approaches, so autumn could be the best time to get everything done. Call up reliable Houston, TX roofing contractors to have the necessary repairs done.

There are many established Houston, TX commercial roofing companies like Live Oak Construction that should have the right tools and equipment to properly carry out repairs or replacement. Don’t delay doing your roof maintenance tasks any more than you have to this season – it might be your last chance this year.

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