Consumer Groups Warn Residents Against Houston Roof Repair Scams

The Roofing Contractor Association of Texas, the AAA of Texas, and the Office of Public Insurance Counsel teamed up on Friday, July 26, 2013 to come up with tips on how to avoid roof repair scams. Deeia Beck, Executive Director Office of Public Insurance Counsel said, “While there are many reputable roofing contractors throughout the Lone Star State, others will take advantage of homeowners, particularly after storm damage. The tips offered here today will empower homeowners to choose reputable roof contractors and avoid unscrupulous ones”.

As the state of Texas is prone to extreme weather, which includes the occasional hurricane, damages to a home’s structure is inevitable. In fact, 2012 figures have shown that the Lone Star state had the most hail damage claims in the country. Because of this, the services of a roofing contractor is necessary to conduct roof repair in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, as well as other cities and communities within Texas.

Unfortunately, some roofing contractors are just scam artists, who prey on vulnerable homeowners often leaving them with unsatisfactory work or unfinished repairs. Mary Tempelmayer, a resident of Round Rock was a victim back in 2009, recalled, “he was just posing as a regular roofer, my friend was driving by and saw his sign.” Director of The Roofing Contractor Association of Texas, Vera Samperi commented, “you have to take the time, not panic, and just make sure the biggest investment you’re putting in your home is warranted and is going to a good and reputed contractor”.

The consumer protection groups advise homeowners to do a thorough background check on the contractor, and to verify using several credible sources when conducting an investigation. “To ease the search process, RCAT offers a database of contractors and certified contractors that have been vetted according to a rigorous screening process and consumer tips,” said Vera Samperi. Other notable organizations that provide a list of certified contractors such as Live Oak Construction include the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

It would also be a good idea to ask the roofing contractor for references, repair estimates and warranties they offer in writing, before accepting any major repairs. Additionally, homeowner should be wary of contractors who accept only cash payments and request a payment upfront. Getting in touch with the affiliated insurance company to ensure that the damage is covered is also highly recommended.

Though there are unauthorized roofing contractors in Texas, a huge number of legitimate ones such as Live Oak Construction, can be trusted for professional services that include quality Houston roof repair and others.

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