Flat Roofs are Low Maintenance But Requires a Bit of Roof Repair in Houston

Most roofs are built with steep slopes to help rain and snow flow down easily, but flat roofs, contrary to popular belief, likewise allow for the adequate drainage of rainwater and melted snow. For one thing, flat roofs aren’t completely flat and are actually given low-slope inclinations that lead to siphons, drains, and gutters. Moreover, for a place like Houston, Texas that doesn’t get much snow in the cold seasons, flat roofing systems are something to consider.

Since flat roofs have very low slopes, they have a reputation of easily developing leaks, because people think that it doesn’t take much for the water to pool on its surface. However, as long as you work with established roofing companies like Live Oak Construction and invest in their services for roof replacement or roof repair in Houston, you can be confident that your flat roof won’t be giving you any headaches for a long time to come.

One popular material used for flat roofing is EPDM, which is also known as rubber roofing. An advantage that this material brings to the table is the fact that it’s a seamless sheet that is rolled and stretched onto the roof. According to wiseGEEK.com, since the whole thing is seamless, unless it has been severely damaged, there is no room for water to seep in through.

Flat roofs are also a popular choice for commercial buildings, because the materials are relatively inexpensive, and installation is quite easy. Installing flat roofs usually doesn’t take more than a day or two, but it is no DIY task as the installation needs to be flawless for the system to be effective.

A flat roof also makes it easier for Houston roofing repair contractors to do their job because they have quick access and face less risks given the low slope. Plus, most flat roofs only need minimal maintenance. If you own a commercial building that needs heavy HVAC equipment, putting them up on the roof would be a breeze.

Professional contractors like Live Oak Construction know the proper steps for flat roof installation, as well as the important things to avoid, such as leaving dirt and debris on the underlayment before installing the rubber coating, having small seams in areas where there shouldn’t be any, and having too low or too high slopes. Working with skilled roofers guarantees that your flat roof would mostly require regular maintenance rather than frequent repairs.

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