Regular Maintenance for Commercial Roofing in Houston Recommended

Early in July, Houston Chronicle reported rain and wind damage has caused the roof of a Shell gas station in Harris County to partially collapse. Although heavy snowfall is rarely an issue for locals, commercial establishments in Houston are still prone to roof collapse due to harsh weather systems especially if the roof has deteriorated due to negligence or if it wasn’t properly-installed in the first place.

Most cases, like the roof collapse of an apartment building in San Antonio last May, are caused by heavy rains, but it can be avoided by ensuring a fully-functional roofing system is in place. In the Harris County incident, a female customer was brought to a hospital for precautionary treatment. Roof collapse is not only a costly inconvenience for the injured party. Property owners have to worry about repair or replacement costs, as well as possible interruption of operations while having the roofing system fixed.

That is why finding a contractor who can deliver topnotch services like maintenance and installation of commercial roofing in Houston is a serious matter and must not be left to amateurs with insufficient knowledge of even the basic roofing systems.

However, even if expertly installed and using quality materials, commercial roofs are still prone to damage because it is constantly exposed to harsh elements and weather systems. Without a proper maintenance program in place, the roofing system’s performance is affected and will require major repairs or even a replacement sooner than a properly-maintained roof would. To prevent costly repairs, commercial property owners can check for common signs of problems themselves or hire expert roofers for a thorough inspection.

One of the signs to look out for is ponding water. Ponding water is the collection of water in certain areas of the roof that are commonly found on flat roofs with a clogged or malfunctioning drainage system. If left unaddressed, this can lead to premature deterioration of the roofing system. Cracking seams, another visual sign one can look for, can cause water to leak below the cover.

A complete and thorough inspection of Houston commercial roofing system can be done by trusted contractors like Live Oak Construction, one of the most-preferred contractors by commercial and residential property owners in Houston. Factory-certified companies such as Live Oak often provide preventative maintenance programs that help keep commercial roof in its top working condition by having regular inspections done by a highly-trained specialist.

All roofs wear out eventually, and the best way to avoid accidents and expensive repairs or replacement is by having it checked regularly. This allows roofing specialists to spot minor damages, and address it before it gets worse.

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