A Material World…On Your Roof

Your roof serves the extremely important function of protecting your home and family from the elements. The material on that roof has to be as strong and durable. Your roof is also a large expanse of material topping your house so it has to look good, too.  

From the earliest homes that were topped with grass, bamboo and thatch to the newest neighborhoods where homes are topped with a new, durable, energy efficient material, there have always been options in selecting the materials used on your roof.  

At Live Oak construction, our expert professionals can evaluate your roof and work with you to determine the perfect material for your roofing project. We understand that the material you select needs to fit your needs, both functionally and in appearance.

There are 4 main types of roofing materials: asphalt, flat, slate and metal. The most common in the Houston area are asphalt and flat. Live Oak specializes in asphalt and flat roofing for new roofs but we are well trained to repair any type of roofing problem you may have.

 Here are the basic definitions of each type of roofing material:

  • Asphalt-These are the most common types of shingles used nationwide and in Houston. They have relatively low installation and maintenance costs and their life expectancy can range from 15-30 years. In many cases asphalt can be installed over the existing roof.
  • Flat Roof-As the name suggests flat roofs do not have the slope that many homes have or have a “low slope” roof or flat area on the roof. They are more common on commercial properties but can be installed on a residential roof as well. The key to a flat roof installation is making sure water and moisture can run off freely to ensure that water damage doesn’t become a future concern.
  • Slate-Made from slivers of rock, slate has been a historically popular roofing choice and it’s making a comeback in a modern way with slate roof panels. These panels can be lighter and more affordable as well as energy efficient and maintenance free.
  • Metal-Gaining in popularity, metal roofing materials of today are formed into panels and made from new types of metal alloys and coatings that enhance their durability and lifecycle.

Whatever material choice you are thinking about, Live Oak can help you weigh the pros and cons and make the perfect choice. Give us a call at 713-991-2667 and speak with one of our customer service representatives to schedule your roof consultation.

Got questions or concerns about your upcoming roofing project? Don’t sweat it. The friendly and knowledgeable representatives at Live Oak are here to help. We want you to feel confident that your roof repair or replacement job will be as affordable, efficient and stress free as possible.  Tell us what’s on your mind.


About Cliff Giles

Cliff Giles is the owner and founder of Live Oak Construction. A father of six with over forty years of experience in the industry, he brings years of knowledge and understanding of the products and the many options of roofing systems which sets Live Oak Construction apart from their competition. As current member of the Better Business Bureau’s Industry Advisory Committee his passion for helping customers understand their needs, solve their problems and provide quality is a top priority. Cliff is a previous Board Member of Houston chapter of Roofing Association
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