Live Oak Construction: The Leading Houston Construction Company

Your house is more than just a place to live; it’s your family’s home. Your business is more than just the place you go to work; it’s the backbone of your livelihood. In our 24-year history, Live Oak Construction has Roofing Choicesbuilt a stellar reputation through the high quality work we’ve performed on homes and businesses throughout the Houston area.
We utilize the highest quality materials from leading manufacturers

  • GAF
  • Tamko

Live Oak built our stellar reputation by doing top of the line work and by offering the best customer service! 

Our team members are experts in the field and have been through extensive training on the latest advancements and developments in the industry. But it’s not just the work they do; it’s how they do it. At Live Oak, we will work with you, our customer, to plan your  project so you can feel confident that a well thought out, hassle free roofing project is what you deserve and what you will receive!

Top quality materials installed by well-trained professionals who make roofing projects a breeze…that’s our mission. Homeowners and Business owners throughout Houston have come to expect this from Live Oak and we intend to keep meeting and exceeding those expectations for years to come!

Do you think your roof needs attention? Have you forgotten the last time you had your roof inspected? Have you noticed discoloration or stains on your ceilings? If you answered “Yes” to any of these you should call Live Oak today.

One of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives is waiting to discuss your roofing needs. Call us at 713-991-2667 to schedule a FREE consultation!


About Cliff Giles

Cliff Giles is the owner and founder of Live Oak Construction. A father of six with over forty years of experience in the industry, he brings years of knowledge and understanding of the products and the many options of roofing systems which sets Live Oak Construction apart from their competition. As current member of the Better Business Bureau’s Industry Advisory Committee his passion for helping customers understand their needs, solve their problems and provide quality is a top priority. Cliff is a previous Board Member of Houston chapter of Roofing Association
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