The Seven Deadly Signs…of a Damaged Roof

Your home is your biggest investment and we at Live Oak Construction understand that taking care of your home is just one part of your hectic, busy life. That’s why we want you to know what signs to look for in and around your home.  Any 1 of these 7 signs tells you something is wrong with your roof and that you should contact us to schedule your FREE roof consultation.  Some roof damage is reparable and some requires a roof replacement.  At Live Oak construction, our professional inspectors can determine the extent of your roof issue.  We will assess the situation and help you decide if a repair will fix the problem or if replacement is your only option.    

  1. Ceiling Discoloration
    If you notice spots on your interior ceilings that are discolored, you should call us.
  2. Exterior Streaking
    Check your outside walls for streaks, those are a sign that a leak is most likely present and you need to give us a call.
  3. Compromised Shingles
    If you can spot cracks or curls on your roof shingles, or if you find some in your yard, it’s definitely time to call us.
  4. Gutter Granules
    If granules (small grainy bits) from your shingles start appearing in your gutter, it’s also time to call us.
  5. Split wood shingles
    If you have wood shingles on your roof and you can see that they’re split, yep…call us.
  6. Mold or Moss growth
    If you start to notice a lot of mold or moss on your home’s exterior, let us take a look. 
  7. Attic stains
    Noticeable stains on rafters or attic ceiling mean moisture is present and has probably gotten in through roof damage. You absolutely should CALL US!

 A damaged roof is really no laughing matter. At Live Oak, we are ready to examine your roof and evaluate these or other issues that concern you as a homeowner. Give us a call at 713-991-2667 and speak with one of our customer service representatives to schedule your roof consultation. Have you had a roof issue you’ve dealt with in the past? Start the discussion and share your story with other homeowners.


About Cliff Giles

Cliff Giles is the owner and founder of Live Oak Construction. A father of six with over forty years of experience in the industry, he brings years of knowledge and understanding of the products and the many options of roofing systems which sets Live Oak Construction apart from their competition. As current member of the Better Business Bureau’s Industry Advisory Committee his passion for helping customers understand their needs, solve their problems and provide quality is a top priority. Cliff is a previous Board Member of Houston chapter of Roofing Association
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