Thinking Small Can Come with Big Costs

A dozen years ago, Live Oak Construction was called on to solve a pressing problem with the roofs of a West Houston townhome complex. All six buildings in the development were experiencing moderate to severe leaks on an aging EPDM roofing system. Our Houston roof repair experts fixed a total of 48 leaks! For a more permanent resolution of the problem we recommended replacing the aging roof and making design modifications that would help avoid leaks in the future.

Alas, the owners of the townhome complex chose to save a little money by hiring a small Houston roofer who simply did not have the experience or resources to tackle such an important job. He merely replaced the old gravel roof without addressing key issues like the roof height, improperly selected skylights (they were designed for a shingle roof), or proper drainage.

The results were predictable. Nine years after Live Oak got our first frantic call about the leaky roofs, the manager of the complex was on the phone to us again. Water had continued to collect in deep pools on every roof, ceilings were caving in, and there were more leaks than ever. The owners now realized they needed Houston roofers with a higher level of expertise in order to solve their roofing problems once and for all.

We got to work immediately. Our first step was to raise and replace the skylights that dotted each roof, installing curb-mounted double dome skylights that would allow plenty of light to enter the building, but no water. The roof we designed raised the “water line” some 18-inches, creating additional space for insulation. Live Oak’s experienced Houston roofers then installed a TAMKO modified bitumen roof and positive drainage system that will provide many years of reliable protection.

The lesson from this lengthy story is that cutting corners to save a few dollars today will almost always end up costing you more down the road. The owners of the West Houston townhomes came to realize that, had they accepted our recommendations to upgrade their roofs in the first place, they would have avoided a decade of additional leaks and frustrating problems.

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About Cliff Giles

Cliff Giles is the owner and founder of Live Oak Construction. A father of six with over forty years of experience in the industry, he brings years of knowledge and understanding of the products and the many options of roofing systems which sets Live Oak Construction apart from their competition. As current member of the Better Business Bureau’s Industry Advisory Committee his passion for helping customers understand their needs, solve their problems and provide quality is a top priority. Cliff is a previous Board Member of Houston chapter of Roofing Association
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