Townhome Tips from a Houston Roofer

Townhomes are very popular in the Houston area, offering terrific carefree living in a beautiful residential setting. Living in a townhome provides the owners more time to enjoy our warm Houston weather without the worry of the care and maintenance of a single family home. However, in my thirty plus years as a Houston Roofer I have seen reoccurring problems in townhome structures that cause expensive and annoying issues for the residents, especially problems relating to leaks.

Because many townhomes are structured with flat roofs, these roofs are susceptible to water ponding because the roof does not drain. Also, many flat roofs are built with components designed for a sloped shingle roof, and that’s trouble.

Recently we repaired a flat roof on a townhome in Sugarland that had many leaks due to some of the issues mentioned above. Here’s a picture of the roof before we began our roof repairs. Sugar Creek Townhome - before

The roof had 3 roof systems installed and the skylights were the type designed for a shingle roof, not a flat roof. These mistakes are all too common; we see them all the time. As a result there was deep ponding of water after it rained and many leaks in owners ‘units. We corrected the problems by stripping away the multiple roof systems and installing a white SBS Hot Mopped Modified Bitumen tapered insulation system. We installed curb mounted double dome skylights. 1-sugar-creek-townhomes-after



Problem solved. If you have similar issues, make sure that you contact a Houston Roofer with the knowledge and expertise in these specific roofing services. You’ll enjoys years of carefree living in your townhome community.


About Cliff Giles

Cliff Giles is the owner and founder of Live Oak Construction. A father of six with over forty years of experience in the industry, he brings years of knowledge and understanding of the products and the many options of roofing systems which sets Live Oak Construction apart from their competition. As current member of the Better Business Bureau’s Industry Advisory Committee his passion for helping customers understand their needs, solve their problems and provide quality is a top priority. Cliff is a previous Board Member of Houston chapter of Roofing Association
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